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to Absolute Home Analysis LLC. If you are visiting our page, then you are looking for a home inspector for some reason. Whether you are needing a home inspection because you are purchasing a home. selling a home, getting toward the end of a one year warranty, or just need peace of mind about the home you are living in, then you have come to the right page. We are a locally owned and operated home inspection business and have lived in this community most of our lives. We hold multiple certifications from different certification agencies. Certifications from inspections of new homes, for property maintenance, decks, attics, crawlspaces, and much more.


We want your family to feel safe and without any worries of major issues arising in the home you live in or the home you are about to purchase or sell. We know you care about these things, and we do also. We will give you that peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is safe and free of any flaws or defects. We show you where any defects might be and the degree of the defect so you can make a decision on whether the investment is right for you. 


We also will point out the strengths and positive characteristics that the home may have so you can weigh your options fairly. Sometimes the good may outweigh the bad.


We service the CSRA and surrounding areas with our services and can schedule appointments at your convenience. We know music lessons, dance sports and extracurricular activities can keep you busy, so we do late afternoon and weekend scheduling to help you with the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

All of our inspections come with  a written report which includes pictures to support our findings. We strive to issue reports in a timely manner; usually within 24 hours but we guarantee them to be within 72 hours. 

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